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One To Watch
by Kate Stayman-london

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Loved this novel! I couldn’t wait for my reading time each day to catch up on the character’s journey. It was a very quick and exciting read

The Lost Girls Of Paris
by Pam Jenoff

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Great book!

Nevertheless We Persisted
by Amy Klobuchar

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It was very inspiring and very nice to read about so many people’s stories.

Road to Oregon city
by Jesse Wiley

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Decent series! 3rd book could have been better though... I recommend this series to anyone who likes the Oregon Trail history or game.

The Testaments
by Margret Attwood

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It was a good sequel to the first book. I enjoyed reading it, and I would recommend if you enjoyed reading the first book.

A Wrinkle In Time By Madeleine L'engle
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This book is very well written and has a great message of hope in dark times.

The Book Woman Of Troublesome Creek
by Kim Michele Richardson Books

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This book is a novel, but uses actual history to tell the story. One of Roosevelt's New Deal creations was the Kentucky Pack Horse Librarians. It was a way for poor women to earn money to feed their families. The heroine, Cussy Mary is one of these women. She is loving & caring but has one problem - her skin is blue. Not just tinted, but the more excited or upset she gets, the brighter blue her skin is. People around her considered her to be "colored". In 1936, to be colored was to be an outcast - and to be blue was much worst than being brown or black. Prejudice & hate were common. "Blue" people hid deep in the Kentucky hollers. I think the author wanted to show people how stupid prejudice & hatred are. It's a good story and well worth reading.

Ghost Knight
by Cornelia Funke

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I enjoyed the book very much indeed my only problem with it was the amount of swearing in a children’s book. I didn’t mind it that much it’s just I wouldn’t want an 8 year old to read it. With that out of the way the characters were charming and enjoyable and the book wasn’t too long.

by Wanda Dyson

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Good story, but like her other books needs a better editor to pull it all together and fix obvious mistakes

by Elie Wiesel

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A short but meaningful and emotional book. Wiesel’s account of the horrors he faced as a Jew living in Transylvania, the Auschwitz concentration camp, and Buchenwald enable readers to better understand the emotions that the oppressed Jews felt and the terrors they faced.

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